Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Wong Engineering Corporation Berhad (WE) is a responsible Corporate Citizen and we aspire to operate our business in an ethical manner where we will respect and enhance the value of our environment, community, employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders wherever we operate.

We shall communicate and inculcate a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility in our employee and our stakeholders on the 4 main premises that we operate in: (a) the Workplace; (b) the Marketplace; (c) the Community; and (d) the Environment.

The Workplace

WE appreciate the contribution of our employees as regards to the growth of the business and maintaining a harmonious working environment. We are committed to ensuring fairness in career opportunity, and give priority to safety and well-being of our employees in the Workplace. In the financial year 2006, WE had allocated more than RM65,000 for human resource development and also provided technical training to our employees so that they could be conversant with the contemporary state-of-art technology and be relevant in a global environment.

The Marketplace

WE believes that effective CSR can deliver benefits to our business which, in turn, to our customers and vendors. This can be achieved :-

  • by adopting and complying with requirement of using environmental friendly products in relation to Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) compliance and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) compliance according to the specifications of our customers with the ultimate aim of safeguarding our environment.
  • by inculcating integrity and professionalism in procurement and supply chain management and to comply with a standard procedure in qualification of vendors.
  • by continually upgrading the technical skill of our Supplier Quality Team to ensure consistency in achieving the good quality acceptable to our customer.
  • by adhering to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard in relation to our Quality System.
  • by practicing good Corporate Governance and accountability.

The Community

We recognize our responsibilities as a good neighbor and an active partner in the community where we work and live in. As part of the community where WE is located, WE is a member and treasurer of Kulim Industrial Tenants’ Association (“KITA”) whose vision is to make “Kulim, the ideal community to live and work in”. WE is also a member of the KHTP Human Resource Sub-Committee to look after the welfare and safety of employee/employer in the Industrial Park.

During the year, WE participated in the following:-

  • walkathon organized by KITA.
  • inter-Company soccer game.
  • coordinating with the local authority to maintain the security and cleanliness for the premises and environment.
  • coordinating with the KHTP Human Resource Sub-Committee to look after the welfare and safety of employee/employer in the Industrial Park.
  • providing technical training for University and College students for practical training as part of their degree or diploma programme.
  • assisting University graduates and post-graduates by replying and furnishing information for them to complete their thesis and assignment.
  • coordinating with the local hospital to organize blood donation campaign in the factory.

The Environment

  • WE is highly conscious of the global warming and climatic changes in the global environment due to industrial activities. In this respect, WE Group is ISO 14001 certified to ensure that the Group complies with the global requirement in eliminating the usage of hazardous substance and mitigate the climatic or environmental changes through conscious and good environmental management.
  • WE also installed a waste treatment plant for its own plating line in compliant with the waste management requirements.