Sheet Metal Fabrication

Wong Engineering’s vast experience and investment in precision turning manufacturing is matched equally well in the sheet metal fabrication and assembly services. Wong Engineering has the capabilities to provide advanced sheet metal fabrication with soft or hard tooling at very low tolerance margin. Together with its team of CAD-CAM design engineers, Wong Engineering has been pro-actively working closely with customers in their product designing and high precision sheet metal fabrication.

In 2007, Wong Engineering was appointed by Amada of Japan as its business partner in Malaysia. The aim is to establish as the number one sheet metal processing factory in Malaysia by providing a comprehensive engineering for sheet metal processing.

Metal Fabrication

Wong Engineering’s continuous investment in machineries and human resources has enabled it to produce and fabricate components that require high precision with minimal tolerance. Our turning and milling manufacturing set up includes the single spindle and the six spindle CNC machines.

The latest investment by Wong Engineering in the nine-axis turn and mill machine, has further open up the precision turning and milling service opportunities in the aerospace, oil & gas and the medical industry for machined components manufacturing.

Surface Treatment & Finishing

Wong Engineering provides surface treatment and finishing service to meet our customer needs. WE have surface treatment facilities like Sanding, Orbital Polishing, Tumbling, Sand Blasting, Needle Polishing and for surface treatment, WE provide Plating service with various kind of material, Aluminum Chromating (Conversion Coating), Stainless Steel Passivation, Powder Coating, Wet Painting, Anodising, etc for our machined product.

Semi-Modular & Final Assembly

With the aim set to be Electro-Mechanical Assembly service provider, Wong Engineering has also been striving hard to upgrade its assembly facilities. Our assembly capability now spans from basic mechanical chassis assembly to electrical-mechanical assembly such as back planes, wire harness and power supply assembly.