Oil & Gas

The Oil and gas industry has shown to be one of the most resilient industries where the requirements for metal based products. are very demanding as the components needs to withstand the harsh environment. Hence most of the metal parts that Wong Engineering produce such as couplings, housing, plungers, etc utilizes engineering alloys. These alloys such as Inconel, Nibron, Sweedish Iron, SUS 430F and etc. are difficult to work with but Wong Engineering has the experience, expertise and machining capability to support those highly complex parts that require turn and mill processes.

Test Instrument

Wong Engineering is one of the top manufacturers when it comes to chassis and racks mechanical solutions. Here we provided the whole mechanical chassis solutions from sizes of 1u up to 16u and system racks. The solutions includes lower level assemblies such as clinch nuts, plastic components, fans and wire harness not forgetting the final finishing in the forms of plating, painting or powder coating. Due to this reason, Wong Engineering is chosen as the preferred vendor for a couple of multinationals based in Penang, Malaysia.


The telecommunication industry is Wong Engineering pioneer foray into the world of metal manufacturing. We have been in this particular field for more than 20 years already. We manufacture highly precise metal components up to tolerance in the range of ± 1 micron. Our products such as shields, contacts, spring leaves, bushings and etc. are still in use in today’s telecommunication equipments such as walkie talkies, mobile phones and etc.

Printing & Imaging

Wong Engineering fabricates printing & imaging products for major player in this sector. Our high precision metal fabrication, high quality assembly workmanship, and continuous upgrading of our facilities, enable us to meet customer demand for increasingly sophisticated fabrication of printing & imaging machines where high-precision is required.

Consumer Products

Riding on the strength of the engineering knowledge and experience, Wong Engineering started its own consumer product development and manufacturing in 2003. Wong Engineering consumer products were developed and manufactured with a foremost objective in mind that is, providing high quality with excellent craftsmanship and performance at affordable prices. This aspiration has provided the impetus for Wong Engineering to embark on a new phase of development and manufacturing activities to meet the objectives.

To enable Wong Engineering to bring its own products to the customers, Wong Engineering also set up a marketing arm to market and sells Wong Engineering’s own range of products that embraced the leading-edge engineering technology yet value-packed to its customers.

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